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15 Jan

I’m excited to announce that this blog is getting a MAKEOVER!

The blog will be down for a few days of  beauty treatments starting on/around Saturday, January 18th and will return with a fresh, new look. I can’t wait to show it to you!

The blog will be back up a few days later. You watch for the announcement of its return on Towson Town Center’s Facebook page.


Creating your Prom Makeup Look at Sephora!

9 Apr

Did you know that you can lavish in the luxury of sitting in a makeup chair and having a professional makeup artist spend an hour creating a a customized look that flatters your style, skin tone and will have you photo ready for all of prom night?  Now, for the part you may not expect….

At Sephora, there is no charge for a complete makeup session, with a minimum $50 product spend! Reservations are required.

I recently brought 17-year-old Carolina Gomez to Sephora for a prom makeup session, so that I can show you how it all works. I met Carolina while shooting pictures of prom dresses for yesterday’s post. She was looking for a dress for her junior prom.

Meet Carolina

Meet Carolina

Carolina’s prom is this coming weekend.  Makeup artist, Jason Williams, who I worked with on my post about Emerald makeup looks, begins the session by asking Carolina some questions about her general makeup routine as well as her prom  dress. She is wearing a long black dress with lace detailing at the top from Macy’s and planning on pairing it with silver shoes. Carolina shared this photo of her dress with us from her phone.

Carolina's dress

Carolina’s dress

Sephora recommends that you do bring your actual dress with you to the session. When it comes to colors other than black, they don’t always translate correctly in a picture and may be a shade or more off.  Your makeup artist will take the color and style of your dress into consideration in creating your look.

With a black dress, you can go in many different makeup directions.  Jason and Carolina decide on a smokey-eyed look in blue.  Jason points out that with a black dress, a blue smokey eye will keep the look brighter. He adds that too dark of a smoky look can make the eyes look smaller.  If  someone is wearing a bright colored dress or a pastel and wants the same look, Jason may suggest doing a more subtle smokey eye in a shimmery grey.


Jason advises starting with your eye makeup before applying foundation. That way, if some shadow cleanup is needed, you’re not wiping away the foundation.

He starts by filling in the shape of Carolina’s eyebrows to add definition to them. Then, Jason uses a concealer by Bare Minerals to highlight the area just under her eyebrows. I have only used concealer under my eyes and plan to try out this trick. “It’s really all about multi-use for your products to get the best value,” Jason explains.

The next step is primer to help prevent creasing and to boost eyeshadow staying power. “There is nothing worse than getting your makeup done and not having it last throughout the night,” he says.   Jason opted for Primer Potion from Urban Decay. Plus, he says that primer keeps shadow true to its color once applied.


Primer helps to prevent creasing and boosts staying power.

For Carolina’s eyes, Jason uses three shades of blue — a darker blue, a teal and an ice blue —  from the Sephora Artist Color Box, pictured below. The entire set is just $34 and comes with 24 eye shadows, 6 lip glosses and 5 eye pencils. According to Sephora, it has a $145 value.

A $34 set valued at $145

A $34 set valued at $145

Jason uses the darkest of the blues first and takes his time to blend in the two lighter shades, dispensing makeup tips along the way. “Blend with strokes like a windshield wiper,” he says.  “Blending is really important, and you don’t want there to be a transition [of color]. You want it to be seamless.”

Creating the blue smokey-eye look

Creating the blue smokey-eye look

Jason adds that while he is applying more eye makeup than he would for a day look, “You don’t want it to be so smoked out that it takes away from her beautiful brown eyes.” He completes Carolina’s eyes with black eye liner on the upper and lower lids and later mascara.


Jason uses black liner on the upper and lower lids.

Jason chooses an HD foundation from Makeup Forever to keep Carolina’s look picture ready. He uses only a small amount to even out her skin tone. The result is natural and polished.


An HD foundation gets you picture ready

Cover Fx powder comes next to set the foundation. Jason explains that this pressed mineral powder offers a little more color without the weight and is gentle. He then adds blush in Candy Glow by Too Faced. Jason suggest that you smile when applying blush to find the apple of your cheek and then blend in an upward direction.

Blush in Candy Glow

Blush in Candy Glow

Jason finishes Carolina’s look with a nude lip color, so not to take away from her eyes.  Here is her completed look!  Gorgeous!

Jason and Carolina

Jason and Carolina

During your appointment, the makeup artist will include products that you can use all year long.  The idea isn’t to create a look with products you’ll never use again. While you may not apply as many eye shadow colors on a daily basis, you can use the same colors from your session in more subtle ways.


One more look at Carolina’s makeup!

Plus, I have one special event to tell you about before I sign off. On Saturday 4/20 from noon until 6 pm, you can walk into Sephora for a free mini spring makeover from a Dior makeup artist. This is a short 10 minute session. Walk-ins only; no appointments.

Special Makeup Event on 4/20

Special Makeup Event on 4/20

Please remember that when you do book your prom makeup appointment that reservations and a minimum $50 spend are required. You can also schedule an appointment for any other special occasion or “just because.”  Just call 410.337.7494 and ask for a manager.  The appointments last about an hour. The slots do fill up fast, so call as far ahead as possible.

Coming up tomorrow, we’ll check out prom accessories from Temptation and BCBGMAXAZRIA. Did you catch my prom dress posts? Here are the links: 12 Sizzling Styles and Sparkle at the Prom.

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